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Skills Clinics

Skills Clinics


For many in non-traditional markets, lacrosse is a foreign concept.  Getting sticks in hands is a primary focus for Urban Lacrosse Academy.  It is our belief that when the student-athletes have a first-hand experience with the game only then can a passion for the game begin.  We never know exactly when and how a student-athlete develops this passion, so it is important for us to present opportunities in as many ways places as possible.   Our introductory clinics are open to both boys and girls in grades 8th grade and under.  These weekly hour-long clinics focus on the basic skills of the game and take place year-round at various locations around the city.



Academic Teams

Athletic Teams


Once a student-athlete has been exposed to the game and develops a passion for it, our goal is to provide the step in their lacrosse journey.  In this case, it will be providing them the opportunity to compete on a team within a wider league.


Initially, our teams will compete at the junior (3rd/4th grade) and senior (5th / 6th grade) division levels.  Once interest is strong enough at the middle school level, additional opportunities will be made available.

It is our belief that these teams will help not only develop lacrosse skills for the student-athletes, but also life skills.Our coaches and mentors will be there to reinforce the positive aspects of being a part of team and having a role within that team.The physical demands of the game of lacrosse will help us develop a healthier child. In all Urban Lacrosse Academy will build healthy minds and bodies.

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